Top 4 Reasons to Pivot to Plant Based

I get asked often to share my top favourite dishes throughout the week via my social channels, so I thought I would share on this post so you too can incorporate plant based recipes within your household once a week or once a day.  

It could be as simple as ordering a chicken salad (less the chicken, instead replace with falafels or tofu) or it could be a creamy cauliflower and spinach pastry instead of a sausage roll. It's all about taking baby steps and making subtle changes.

Here are my 4 favourite Plant Based dishes using the delicious CocoTribe range which I have been highlighting for the month April.

Cocotribe recipes by Dani Stevens

Caramelised Mushrooms Pasta

Cheese pie 

Caribbean Coconut Soup

Tzatziki Dip

My friends over at Cocotribe have put together this great "Top 4 Reasons to Pivot to Plant Based" infographic which are great baby steps on living our best life, healthy and sustainable. 

Cocotribe infographic with Dani Stevens


Happy Wednesday and see you over on Instagram.

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