Our healthy Sunday toast toppings

Over on Snapchat this morning I asked the kids; "What would you like for breakfast?"

Everyone shouted EGGS ON TOAST but when I opened the fridge there was no eggs! Never fear I always have a back up plan and here it was;

Apple & Cinnamon toast


1 grated apple

pieces of wholemeal toast

peanut butter



Spread peanut butter on toast, grate apples and sprinkle cinnamon. You can add dessicated coconut and cacao nibs to give the kids the WOW! factor.

How quick (healthy) and easy was that?

There are loads more toast toppings you can enjoy like the ones in my latest 30 Days of Fitness & Food ebook.

Let me know what your back up plan is when the kids original breakfast request is an epic fail.

Happy Sunday!


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