Banana Peanut and Hemp Smoothie

Nothing beats an awesome Vinyasa yoga session at my local Wave Yoga Living studio and my delicious post workout smoothie. 

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Banana Peanut and Hemp Smoothie 

Dani Stevens Yoga Smoothie


(serves 1)

1tbs Hemp Protein Powder (I use the Macro brand at Woolworths)

1tsp Linseeds*

1tsp Chia Seeds

1tsp Cacao Nibs

1tsp Mayvers Peanut Butter 

1tsp Maca Powder*

2 Bananas

1 cup of Happy Happy Soy Boy   

*Majority of my other seeds and powders are bought at Source Bulk Foods stores located in Australia 


Blend all these beautiful natural ingredients to experience goodness that will keep you full for the morning. 

Hemp Peanut Butter Yoga Smoothie Dani Stevens

Are you a smoothie fan? What are your favourite flavours to blend? 

Happy Tuesday! 


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