My Monday Meal Planner just for you.... Enjoy!

It's fun times like this when the days fly and you feel rushed, rushed, rushed there is nothing better than having a meal planner prepared to help you sort out the cooking chores. This helps me keep super organised and we all have our tasks set out to make our meal times smooth sailing!



Breakfast Quick and Easy Burcher Muesli

Snacks My very own “guilt free” caramel popcorn

Lunch Poached eggs on wholemeal toast

Dinner Turkey burgers with veggie puree


Breakfast Salmon flakes, 2 sunny side eggs with salad and feta cheese

Snacks Protein balls

Lunch Chicken, cheese and lettuce sandwiches with tomato parsley quinoa

Dinner Pumpkin Soup


Breakfast Wholegrain flakes fruit salad

Snacks Serbian style crepes served with walnuts, lemon & honey and strawberry jam

Lunch Scallops with chorizo with cauliflower puree with rocket

Dinner Pizza


Breakfast Pineapple quinoa with milk

Snacks Natural greek yogurt with walnuts, orange & raspberry topping

Lunch Poached eggs, tomato, spinach and avocado English muffins

Dinner Moroccan meatballs with cous cous and yogurt


Breakfast Coconut and strawberry smoothie

Snacks Cottage cheese with banana and cinnamon

Lunch Tuna pasta salad

Dinner Vegetable (with bacon) frittata

I hope you enjoy this weeks meal planner and let me know if it's useful to you and your family? I find meal prepping really useful the night before as it doesn't leave me under the pump during the week.... Besides! All this time you will be saving means more fun in the sun pumping out those SQUATS! Only 25 a day remember... LET'S GO!

Even my boxing class did some on Friday!

WOO HOO!!! Just made these amazing boxing girls do our #xmas25squats ??? keep tagging your pictures ? so I can feature you!!! Invite or tag your friends. 25 squats per day before Santa arrives ?? XxDani

A photo posted by Dani Stevens (@1danistevens) on Dec 3, 2015 at 5:51pm PST

And WHOOSH.... the Stevens' are OFF!!! Have a great day guys and keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook to see what we are up to over on the Carnival Spirit cruise.

Happy Monday and don't forget to be awesome!

Xx Dani

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