Let's Go Crazy RIP Prince

What an emotional last 24 hours!!! Prince. Dead. No way! I was in such shock. Pretty much like the news I heard about my father last month. I didn't think I would have enough tears but it did pour purple rain yesterday and I went off when it played in the car yesterday....


Then I've been wearing purple these last 2 days and tweeted this;


How good is Twitter? I'm in love and I can't wait to share more news to come when I team up with this blue powerhouse bird! I'm so excited.


Life is amazing! Embrace each day and live life to the max! You never know what you will experience if you don't give it a go!

I challenge YOU to GO CRAZY!!!! this weekend. Leave me a comment or snap me, tweet me, tag me #DaniandCo on Instagram or Facebook. Wherever YOU are, I'm here with you all the way. Every day. #DS365.


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