Helping Busy Mums Create Nutritional Meals with Dani Stevens


I have been on this earth long enough (turning 46 next week!) and nothing beats one-on-one interaction and connection in today's world. As a stay at home mum, I have had the absolute privilege of connecting online with thousands of people world wide everyday.

Now I want to see you in person. I would love you to take 2 minutes for YOU+ME=WE and answer this quick survey so I can make sure our connection is the best ever!

I cannot wait to meet you in person soon!



  • Hey Dani, I couldn’t check the first box about attending. The survey wouldn’t let me scroll up that far. Eeep. Love Jennie

  • I always love what you do and your beautiful family, I’m unfortunately an empty nester now 😩and no longer a busy mum but I think what you do and how you help other mothers is absolutely amazing and I wish you all the very best, I still love watching your content, good luck Dani 💋

    Leanne Douglas
  • A zoom call would be great to people could check in from all over nationally. You pay for a e ticket and then get notification if meeting time and login number.


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