Happy 5th Birthday Oscar you Cute Pirate

Here's a quick snap shot of our weekend and of course Oscar's 5th birthday party!!

Oscar's 5th birthday "Pirate" party weekend 

It started off with all his Kinda friends & cousins on Saturday as we headed to the beach on his actual birthday. So here is a snapshot of his party!

Pirate theme party 


I was a bit lazy with Oscar's party cake as I only managed to make choc mud cake muffins with chocolate ganache. I thought it was a bit easier with the kids handling muffins, so made little flags to go with the pirate theme.


I had my lovely girlfriends Celeste and Jodie help with the thank you bags and bunting flags, so a big thank you to you 2! Made my life a lot easier Friday night only baking the muffins :-) Filled this treasure box with goodies and job was done!!!
Treasure map cake


For Oscar's actual birthday I decided to bake a sugar free cake. This recipe is from the one and only healthy chef Teresa Cutter Chocolate cake. Very very nice.

I was happy with the way it turned out as it was pretty easy to convert into a treasure map which the kids ended up decorating themselves. Too cute!!!!

Okay, I promise to post more regularly and not overload you like I have with this post. I hope you are all well and I look forward to reading your comments!!!

Xx Dani

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