Coconut Water Crazy

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Ahhh coconuts....It’s definitely been the buzz drink in the health world, with coconut water on the menu as an addition to smoothies, frozen yoghurt and juices.

But how good is it really?

Here are some coconut water facts:

  • One coconut can contain about 200 to 1000 ml of water – depending on the type and size.
  • Young coconuts have a bitter taste and lack nutrients. Older coconuts contain less water and more ‘meat’, which is what produces the coconut milk – not to be confused with coconut water.Coconut water is a fantastically refreshing drink because it is jam-packed with simple sugars, minerals and electrolytes – all ingredients that help replenish your body and aid dehydration. Recent research reveals that cytokinins in coconut water have significant effects on anti-ageing, as well as anti-carcinogenic properties, PLUS it is great for anti-thrombotic goodness too (that’s anti-clot formation).
  • In tropical regions, coconut water is also given to patients suffering diarrhoea, to help replace fluid loss.
  • It is filled with amino acids and fantastic enzymes – a good-for-you alternative to sugary soft drinks and sports drinks that come with unwanted nasties of artificial flavours and colours.
  • The enzymes in coconut water help digestion and metabolism.
  • Coconut water has a light consistency but it also has a better composition of minerals, such as calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium and zinc – much more than other fruit juices, including orange juice.
  • Coconut water is rich in electrolyte potassium.
  • What other possible motivation do you need to get drinking?
  • Here is one of my FAVOURITE ways to use coconut water in a
  • Fun recipe that my kids love drinking (and love helping me make
If you need some more inspo, here's some coconut smoothie recipes to keep you hydrated this month.


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