The Health Benefits of Your Four-Legged-Friend

It’s no secret that having a pet adds a lot of joy to your life! As a kid I loved playing with our family dog and it was also a great thing to give him a cuddle and have him as our ‘best friend.’ But what a lot of pet owners might not realise is having a pet is a great way to get yourself fit and healthy. The simple act of walking your dog twice a day – even if only for 15 minutes at a time – is a good workout! Zali and I caught up with a friend yesterday and her pooch Grace who joined our mini workout!

Medical studies have shown that people who’ve survived heart attacks who own pets, live longer than heart attack survivors who don’t own a pet. That’s because they’re more likely to walk their dogs, and have lower blood pressure.

Pets are also important for your mental well-being. Not only do you have a gorgeous creature to love, who loves you back unconditionally, but when you’re out and about walking your dog, it’s a great way to connect with others in the community. I’ve met several people who tell me they’ve made friends (human friends!) at the local dog park!

Pets also give your life more meaning when you don’t simply have yourself to look after. It’s also an important part of your child’s life. Having a pet teaching kids responsibility – they can help walk and feed your pet – and, eventually when the pet passes away, it can be a defining moment of their lives and helps them deal with the reality of death.

So grab your favourite pet today and take him for a run on the beach, a walk in the park or simply down to the local shops where you grab your morning coffee or smoothie – delight in the fact that your four-legged-friend is an asset in so many ways! If you don’t walk your dog as regularly as you think you should, don’t you think it’s time to ‘use’ him as an excuse to get yourself moving today?

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