Pilates I Love You

I have never felt better. Besides having a chronic pelvis instability injury after having 4 kids in 6 years and being in a wheel chair, I'm all good when I do my pilates. It's been a long 10 years of rehab but I know what I have to do to feel happy and healthy

Pilates everyday.

As soon as I ditch or miss pilates, my core starts to weaken and then I do some Zena Princess Warrior pose and BANG! I'm back at square one and in some major rehab!

Here's a 5 minute workout I did today which you can too wherever you are.

Tripcep dips

Summer is just around the corner so we need to keep our arms toned and this engages the core so it's a win win situation.

Step ups

Find a park bench, an office chair or couch and step it up for 1 minute.

Push ups

If you can't do military style, try elevated on a bench or a wall.

Hip flexor raises with a glute pulse

My Physio's over the years have always told me if I don't have strong glutes (tight buns) I'll always struggle with my lower back pain so this exercise helps tone my glutes.

Table Top Raises

Lying on your back with knees bent, raise your legs in table top. Then engaging your core, tuck your chin to your neck and use your abs to raise your arms and reach beside your thighs, past your knees.

That's it! 5 minutes. You can increase your one minute workout per exercise and x5 rounds. I only had 5 minutes today as I wanted to get up from my desk and get some vitamin D and move my body.

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