My Time Saver Program Powered By Voome Launch

Happy Monday! I am beyond excited as I head off to Sydney and launch my first official 4 week program tomorrow.

It's exciting to partner with powerhouse Voome (from the team at 12WBT) who have approved all my recipes and workouts with their expert nutritionalists and fitness trainers.

I would love to meet you tomorrow in Sydney.

I would love to meet you tomorrow in Sydney.

I'm so thrilled to bring you my Time Saver Program, designed for busy women who want to eat well, get fitter, improve their core strength and set a good example for their family. 15 minute meals, 20 minute low impact results driven workouts – it's that simple. I will guide you step-by- step, giving you tips and tricks along the way to show you that a fit, healthy life actually gives you MORE energy and MORE time.

So if you want to follow a program designed by someone who gets that the struggle is REAL, then join my time saver team today!


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