My Sciatica Workout Stretches

WOWZA! This pain isn't going away any time soon so best I manage as best I can. I'm doing Bowens therapy, Pilates, walking, icing, stretching and seeing my Physio every week. Maybe I'll connect with some pain management Facebook pages to see what else is out there.

At the end of the day YOU play an important role in the prevention, treatment, and recovery of your pain. No one else. Of course you have people supporting you, empathising and professional help but then everything else, is up to you.

Big thanks to my Physio who wrote up this daily program for me.

Sciatica Workout Stretches

My Sciatica Workout Stretches

1. Cat Rock Curl
This stretches your spine in both directions, arched and contracted. It's a great back and core workout and strengthens both sides of your body as well.

2. Towel pull toe
Extend one leg in front of you with that foot, place a towel over your toes and foot, use your toes to pull the towel towards you little by little.

3. Sitting adductor
Sit up against a wall with your back supported. Spread both legs in a "V" infront of you and stretch them as wide as you can.
Hold your hands by your side and relax your hips and push your toes up to feel the stretch.

4. Lateral hamstring
As above, be seated up against a wall and bend one leg inwards leaving the other one straight. This gives a great outer thigh stretch.

Sciatica Hamstring Exercises

5 & 6 Hip Flexors
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch on a chair. Drive your hip forward and your knee into the table or hip height bench top. Your iliopsoas muscle, one of the main hip flexors, is a deep muscle that requires isometric activation to stretch it.

7 & 8 Calf stretches and bent knee fall out
Regular stretches of the hamstring muscles (located in the back of the thigh) can help sciatica pain.

Along with pelvic floor and tightening your abs while laying on your back with bended knees, slowly extend one leg to the side while holding your pelvic floor tight!

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