Dead Booty Syndrome and Modibodi Magic

Let's talk about our booty. Zali asked me the other day why my booty was drooping as I got out of the shower? Instantly I reacted and said my lower back pain has been so sore that I have missed out on my regular exercise regime. It also reminded me how much laptop “seated” time I do these days and how I need to restart my regular squats and leg workouts that used to keep my booty in shape. 

In essence I got gluteal amnesia, AKA "dead booty syndrome," which happens when your glutes "forget" how to activate properly. 

I do want to highlight though, that our booty does change over time (it can’t remain perky like it was in our teenage years) and now that I’m in my 40’s my estrogen levels are starting to change, and additional fat is hanging out in my hip region. 

The main challenge in our 40s is to try and maintain our overall tone so our menopause hormones won't hit our cute booty as hard as they could if we slacked off and scrolled our social feeds and watched Netflix every night. 

Our human body is designed perfectly to freely stand, walk, bend, squat, lie down, roll, etc...not to sit down all day.

However with the rising screen time we are usually sitting down which is the biggest root problem of all time. It brings a tilt in the hip, the center of our body which weakens our muscles particularly those in the midsection and lower body. And without strong legs and glutes, our lower body becomes weak to hold us up when sitting down or keep us stable when walking and jumping, putting us at risk of injury.

So please join me for every 30 consecutive minutes of sitting, we get up and move/walk around for five minutes at brisk pace to reduce the health risks from sitting.

I know I’ve been caught up in the sitting game for far too long and broke up with my squat and donkey kick habit, so I wanted to remind you to move your body more regularly with me today!!!

If your glutes don't do their job correctly, the rest of your body may pay for it.

So let’s go! Let's do 15x5 reps of squats and donkey kicks everyday.


I’m also loving my exercise workouts and testing the new Modibodi vegan 3/4 leggings. Moving my body in "commando" style during mother nature feels so liberating. A great back up for those light-medium period days or sneaky leaks. The animal-friendly microfibre, bamboo and cotton fabric feels so beautiful on my skin!

I love working with innovative brands and saving the planet at the same time, together. It’s a WIN! WIN! all around by reducing our carbon footprint and using less panty liners and tampons. 

Head over to Modibodi to find out more about this amazing "Modifier Technology" and use my 15% off discount code Daniloves15* so you too can keep fresh all day, everyday!!! 

*The 15% storewide code is valid for 7 days. Excludes packs, sales items and gift cards.

“Love your booty because you only have one!”

Have a sensational Monday!

 💋💋💋 XxDani

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  • These are great dani. Thank you for the reminder and I am loving the Modibodi underwear and leggings concept. Heading over to their website now.

    Xx Trish


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