6 Tips On How To Meditate Daily

I have a million and one things running through my mind each and every day. I personally NEED to sit even if it’s for 1 minute to gather my thoughts, be more patient, listen and learn the art of meditation.

What has helped me over the years is small moments of mindfulness each. I have never meditated un-assisted for longer than 20 minutes. I love listening to meditation apps and soothing spa, retreat music that take me back to Fiji, Vanuatu, Bali or Hawaii. So it’s great to be able to escape to those places on a regular basis.

There are many studies out there and even research has shown that a total of 15 minutes of meditating each day for several weeks produces detectable, positive changes in the brain. It also helps in reducing your stress levels, anxiety, and an enhanced sense of well-being. I love the benefits of these formal meditation practices when I incorporate my mini-meditations into my daily life.

Other ways you can incorporate meditation in your daily life especially if you don’t have a forest or beach backdrop are my;

6 Tips On How To Meditate Daily

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When I am running around town doing errands, I often find myself back in the car closing my eyes and concentrating on my breath and slowing it down before my next errand trip. At home when I’m washing my hands, or folding the laundry (this takes hours some days!!!), taking a shower, washing dishes, or brushing my teeth, I take these moments for my mini-meditations.


As I eat or drink, I try and focus on the various flavours, textures, and sensations of that particular food or drink. Even when sipping on my cup of tea or enjoying a piece of my crunchy muesli bars, is my version of meditation.


While I go for walks with Nina, my 10,000 steps on my own, or when I go to my mailbox I focus my attention on one item, such as the sound of the palm tree leaves swaying in the air, the feel of the ground beneath my feet, or the colours in the sky.


When I run or jump on my bike, I leave my headphones at home and focus on the experience. Feel the sun or rain on my face, the wind in the air and beauty all around me.


This is the best! While I wait in line, I tend to observe breath, people and my surroundings. This is my time to be still and do some inner observations. For example, are my muscles tense from my cobra or down facing dog pose from yoga this morning? Am I racing around again, feeling hot and flustered or am I feeling a little cold?


I am sure you have your favourite idol on your Spotify playlist, mine is George and I love his acoustic music which completely takes me to another place. Whatever music you’re into, it’s another soothing sound to set all your worries or busy day aside for a couple of minutes.

Just remember whenever your mind wanders, catch it and return to your original focus.

I trust these tips will help you this beautiful Monday morning and I will see you on my Instagram and Facebook stories.

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divine within you.” – Amit Ray”

Happy Meditating Monday!



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