Transformation Tuesday with Paula

Happy Transformation Tuesday! Please give the amazing Paula a virtual round of applause as she shares with us her healthy and fit journey today…… so great to read your “Ahhhaaaa moment” thank you for sharing. Also BIG LOVE for joining me out in Periscope land Paula, how cool is all this social media stuff.

I love it! and I love you xxDani

Transformation Tuesday with Paula

How old are you and please can you share your health and fitness journey to date?

I am 43 years old. In February of 2010 is when I started my journey, I was 37 years old. I was not always overweight (but compared to my size zero twin sister I always felt it lol) but once I got married at the age of 21 is when I started gaining weight very rapidly. What motivated me at first was a trip back home to the Azores Islands where I was born and had not been back in 20 years. I set a goal to loose 40 lbs by the time my trip came along in August and I ended up losing 38. Once I got to the Azores my family told me wow you put on a lot of weight since they had not seen me in 20 years but I did not let that discourage me. I started getting fit with short walks in the work parking lot during breaks and making small changes in my diet like eliminating coca cola and bread. Once I felt and saw the changes in my body (inside and out) I was not going to stop, it was very self motivating for me. I researched a lot on the internet, there are so many resources out there. I also did workouts on the WII game system and youtube videos. After losing most of my weight is when I joined a gym (encouraged by a friend) doing different classes like HIIT and Tabata which I love. I recently got more into weight training and food prepping and just keep trying to better myself. The biggest change for me are my moods and attitude, I was in denial for so long, I felt angry a lot (at myself). I would pick arguments at home to justify my anger. When I finally started seeing and feeling changes I cant express how good it felt, 5 years later I call myself a fitness addict. For me, there is no better feeling then the feeling after a workout, feeling of accomplishment and the biggest stress reliever. I also was on blood pressure medication and no longer need it. I recently got an Instagram account and I dedicate it to me and only me along with the fitfam I have found online. Its only motivated and inspired me more and more and I only want to do the same, I want to motivate and inspire so badly because I never imagines I would come this far and if I can do this so can they. And let people know it takes discipline, hard work and time but you are so worth the time! Set your mind to it and do it for you!

What types of foods did you used to eat as a kid and young adult? What's changed since then?

Being in a Portuguese household we ate some fried foods, a lot of potatoes and rice and a lot of stew type dishes. Definitely a lot of fish but mostly fried. I hardly ever eat fried, no soda and hardly any bread, I try to have plenty of protein with every meal and snacks to keep me full, satisfied and help build muscle.

Do you play any sports or what sports do you like watching?

I never played sports and don't really watch much sports on tv, I do like watching soccer once in a while, I have become a fan of the Socceroos lol.

What are your interests, passion and what makes you smile?

True friends make me smile, I love to dance, I love the sun, Summer time and the beach! Shopping for new clothes, a lot of workout clothing these days. My new found passion is fitness and nutrition.

What was the catalyst that sparked your lifestyle change?

A trip back home to the Azores Islands after 20 years sparked me to try and loose some weight but I never imagined I would come this far.

What are some of your dreams/goals you hope to achieve over the next 12 months?

My goal is to continue my fitness journey, to stay motivated and focused but to really motivate and inspire people through it. I would love to motivate and inspire my 17 year old son. In the back of my.mind I think of competing in some sort of fitness competition but I don't know how realistic that is at my age. I just want to help others reach the mind set that I have reached, make them realize how worth it, it all is and how worthy they are.

What tips would you like to share with my readers about your transformation?

Make small changes, set small goals and take it one day at a time. One pound at a time. You will have bad days but please don't let it set you back, just feel blessed that God has given you another day to try again and try to better yourself day at a time.

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