Recharging and missing in action this week

This Mum of 4  is chillaxing all this week. Ahhhh take me back to Rimba in Bali where Adrian and I just chilled out without our 4 babes last September, but you know what? This week is all about our 4 babes. I can't wait to spend time with them all as that is the true purpose of my life, not work but playing and spending time with Noah, Oscar, Mietta and Zali. Of course Dad too, when he gets home from work as well. Dani Stevens coconuts time out

Before I go I would love to leave you with my 2 favourite QUOTES FOR THE WEEK!

No matter what is happening on the stock market, there is never a bad time to invest in your health and most importantly your family.


Respect people who find time in their busy schedule but LOVE people who never look at their schedule when you need them."

My biggest wealth is my happiness, beautiful and healthy children, supportive and loving husband. Money can never buy this.

When was the last time you recharged and got away from all the busy stuff?

Have a sensational week and I look forward to bringing you more amazing fitness, food and motivation to inspire you live the life you love.


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