Hot tips for working out while on the Carnival Cruise!

Hey, hey, hey…. What can I say? This Carnival Cruise has been a FAB ride so far! I am lost for words! There is so so so so much to do here but there are always ways to find little tricks to incorporating a workout in our everyday activities! I am having a blast with these TOP workouts when cruising with Vice President Jennifer. Here are her tips:

  1. Use the stairs
  2. Grab a smaller plate and watch your portion sizes
  3. Book a gym class or find a new buddy on board to workout with
  4. Walk around the ship 10 times for a 5km workout

IMG_4965 I found myself in an awesome group fitness workout with these special gals! Alana you are a star! Our workout consisted of burpees, squats, boxing and knee kicks and we were guided by the amazing Gobar – he is the personal trainer at Carnival Spirit that helps out at the gym. He definitely got the heart pumping and the whole body working many times over!!

High fives

Straight from the deck to the gym. Time for some cool down work for me… well that's what I thought! Here I am riding, chatting & cooling down with my new bestie LJ Charlston from Huffington Post. She gave me such a boost and lots of laughs while were finishing up our daily regime.


IMG_5346 The #xmas25squats is still happening and I am loving all the photos everyone is posting. It is unreal to see the different ways people are finding the time to squat. There is ALWAYS time for just 25 squats a day and the benefits in the end will be all worthwhile. I promise!! Have you been doing yours? Keep posting those pics!!

Check out these babes…

squat collage Not long to go now and I cannot wait to share more of our adventure with you over on Facebook and Instagram! It has been a wild ride that just keeps on giving and I am feeling blessed for this amazing opportunity to be on the Carnival Cruise once again!

Keep smiling everyone.

Xx Dani

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