Cooking up a storm and food prepping for the weekend

Whew! What a WEEK. Have a look at the spread on my kitchen bench ....

Dani Stevens loves cooking

The aftermath of yesterday, alone. And it’s not the first time it’s looked like that. I’m also sure it definitely won’t be the last.

That’s the impact of one-stop-shop action of being a Creative Director, Food Stylist, Chef/Cook, Babysitter, Photographer, kitchen hand all in one WHOOP!!! Throw in 4 kids to the mix after 3pm – buzzing with chatter about their day at school and kindergarten and hungry for some healthy after-school energy treats – and you have noisy, messy chaos (but fun!).

The point of this story? Life can be busy and crazy but you can truly do anything yourself if you apply yourself.

Last night I spent most of my time doing some stretches and meditating after a bad day with my back. It’s annoying when injuries do happen and with life getting busier as I get closer to completing something exciting COMING SOON, I know my stress levels have been on the rise but I make sure I manage it with some herbal tea, healthy eating, gentle exercise – and a nice warm bubbly bath doesn’t hurt either. Having said that, the 12hr Voltaren anti inflammatory gel has been a godsend as well!

So much cooking has been happening in my household lately. I’ve got the fun job of doing some recipe testing and the kids and my husband have the extra fun job of eating and drinking all the things I’ve been making so they can tell me what they love about it all.

Dani Stevens recipe taster

Fresh fruit and veggies jam-packed in the fridge and a pantry full of good-for-you grains and other delights. And the smells of things simmering on the stovetop and whizzing around in the blender are filling the house with a delicious homey feel. Food has such a fantastic power – it fills us with vitamins and the nutritious goodness we need to get through whatever life throws our way and it also has the ability to create a feeling of security and happiness. When it tastes good too? That’s even better.

My weekend? Not sure yet…and that’s a good feeling. Of course there will be the usual trips with the kids to their activities and I am looking forward to catching at least one sunrise over the beautiful beach. But the rest? Sometimes it’s good to be spontaneous…

What’s on your wishlist for the weekend? Hope you make them come true!

Happy Friday!


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