Weekend fun activities and Anzac Day

Such amazing weather (with minor showers yesterday) and another jam packed weekend, filled with domestic bliss, kids activities and sports including Sunday meal planning for the week. Here's our Saturday recap;

Fitness, boys went out surfing while us girls did some yoga.

Food, an impromptu Teddy Bear birthday bash with watermelon cake!

Sunday recap;

Fitness, boys had footy matches while us girls ran around, did housework and push ups!

Food, meal prep is key in a family of 6 people. I hope you enjoyed my cheesy meatballs and pies which are handy for kids lunches this week.

Plus our beautiful banana and chocolate milkshakes  YUMMO !!

Monday Motivation for Anzac Day

"When You Go Home, Tell Them of Us and Say, For Your Tomorrow, We Gave our Today".

Tomorrow is Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand so here's a healthy spin on our traditional Anzac biscuits on DaniStevens.com. Link in bio 🍪 Enjoy! Lest We Forget 🙏🏼 XxDani Your 365 Fitness Food Motivator

How are you spending your day today?


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