Trevor Hendy

I was delighted to meet and interview this gorgeous man a few weeks ago, when Adrian and I went away for his surprise birthday getaway up in the Gold Coast.

Trevor Hendy and Dani Stevens

Trevor Hendy is the worlds greatest Ironman that ever walked the earth but things changed in his life, compromises were made and he was questioning what his life was really all about? Is it always about winning? Now he shares his personal truth and wellness story and how you too can live your life to the fullest with his 12 week Bootcamp for the soul program.

I chat a little more with Trevor about his program and his Fitness Food And Style ethos;

Amazing, right?

“This 12 week transformational program is for anyone who wants to live their best life and is ready to turn over that last rock, the one that the spirit, or soul, is hiding under. This is for people who are ready to make the move from the head to the heart. It is also for anyone who may have already started that journey but is having challenges integrating it into their everyday lives. This program is all about “waking up” and “staying awake”.

Life in its grandest of forms – the spirit – is all around you, always inside of you and always available. The only problem is that we live each day so deeply connected to our mind and our five senses that we are dismissing this whole world without even knowing it. It’s not rocket science. It’s actually very simple. The simplicity of Soul however is so powerful it actually holds the answers to all of the questions and problems you haven’t yet been able to solve.”

For more info come check out Trevors page here as Adrian and I will be kicking off this program this weekend. We hope you can join us too. We are all here to live our life to the best of our abilities, it’s tools like these that make it so easy for us. I know for Adrian it will be more about turning over that last rock, he thinks his soul may be hiding under it!

How connected are you with your soul?

Xx Dani