Things to buy when going on holidays. New Caledonia here we come.

What a fun day! Our school holidays have kicked off and we are spending time in the sun and shopping for our cruise next week. It's come around real quick and I'm super excited to be working with my Carnival Spirit friends and shooting their next campaign in beautiful New Caledonia.

Which means, another holiday and wardrobe updates for 6 of us. Our kids have been growing up so fast that I took my American Express card for a spin and got the kids some new threads (I may have squeezed in a dress and beach bag for moi) all in all a fun day and what's even better, the sensational rewards points I get back from Amex just because of the way I shop everyday. Especially with our renovations, I got my curtains, tiles, rugs, bed linen and Adrian even used my Amex at Bunnings when he made our new bedhead. Not to mention the new frame for my beautiful Beijaflor print by Jai Vasicek from Ahoy Trader.

Love it!

How about you? How do you feel when you go shopping and spoil yourself?


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