School holidays adventure XC90 and free range eggs

How awesome are school holidays??? I love it! From making fruit salad, to watching hens lay fresh eggs to exploring our backyard in the latest XC90 to making pumpkin soup. All in a days work. Come check it out;


What's your view on organic and free range eggs? These hens seemed so happy and care free. Here's a little info I found on Make It Possible article on "Making sense of egg labels" 

Free range

Unfortunately, there is no legal definition of the term free range in Australia so standards between free range egg farms can vary dramatically. Humane Choice has compiled a useful Consumer Guide to Free Range Eggs to help identify true free range labels. The biggest difference between free range farms is the number of birds kept in a certain space. While 1,500 birds per hectare is the recommended maximum, this is not enforceable and large scale producers are keeping their hens at much higher densities to cash in on the growing market for free range products. These logos on the egg carton indicate the eggs have come from hens raised on a true free range farm.


Certified organic eggs come from hens kept on farms which meet and exceed standards of the best free range facilities. However, simply the word 'organic' on an egg carton can sometimes mislead people to think the welfare of hens meets certified organic standards — when it may merely mean that hens in barns are fed organic grains. These logos on the egg carton indicate that the hens are raised on a certified organic farm.


How awesome! Organic food! So good to see they're not wrapped in plastic like we sometimes see in the supermarkets.


We have had such awesome adventures and created so many family memories in the latest Volvo XC90 . I have loved every second of it, can you believe it's nearly going to be one year since I partnered with Volvo? A dream come true.

Time flies when you're having fun.

When I asked the kids what they loved most about our experience with the XC60 and XC90, their instant excited faces said;

"Where we were going next! Our daily adventures and fun in such a luxurious car."

Also the soccer training sessions, going to school, farmers markets, weekends away, surfing, the heated seats, lane aid, the abracadabra boot opening as they moved their legs under the boot sensor. The list is endless.

How about you? What's your next adventure?


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