Run Ballarat I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

Hello my beautiful people, what can I say?? The fun run is this Sunday and I am a tad excited!!! There are over 3,000 people participating and I just can't wait for the vibe on the day. My gorgeous friend from Melbourne will also be joining me, so I am super excited about that. She is my role model. She just did a half marathon in Melbourne on Sunday and completed her first ever marathon in Paris this year!!! You know who you are number 56184!!! I'm so proud of her!

Maybe one day, I too will complete a half marathon (if I ever overcome this stitch of mine) who knows? Might even complete a marathon. Watch this space..

I am also happy to be doing this run for such a wonderful cause. We are regulars at The Base hospital ER section, if it's not one of our boys falling off a motor bike and cracking his head open, it's the other one falling off his skate board with the same injury. Lucky, they have a tough Mum!

I have been a little slack with my fitness this week. Minor neck issues and keeping motivated have kept me away from what typically drives me and my "no excuses" attitude. I will get over this head space. TRUST ME!! Nutrition has been great, no more cadbury chocolate to report!
I must say the yoga challenge is fabulous and I am loving that movement every day.
Overnight soaked muesli
Morning snack Yogurt with fruit salad Lunch Fritatta sausage pizza

Ingredients Eggs Spinach Tomatoes Turkey sausages Feta S&P Parsley

Method Chop ingredients and start sautéing mushrooms and sausage, beat up eggs, add chopped vegetables, feta into egg mix and pour into frypan. Allow base to cook and then place under pre heated griller until toppings are cooked. Really quick, under 10mins!!!

This is simply our version of a crustless pizza, using the eggs as the base but really it's a combo of an omelette and fritatta but I make it look all fancy like a pizza and the kids love it!!! Afternoon snack 180 Nutrition coconut protein drink Dinner Coconut and split green pea curry with steamed brown rice

This was my take away dinner as I went to the hairdressers this evening. Ingredients 1pkt green split peas onion finely diced 2 carrots finely diced 1 can of crushed tomato 2 cans of coconut lite cream/milk 1 fresh garlic minced spices (curry, tumeric, corriander, moroccan) Olive oil S&P to taste

Method Dice vegetables and fry with spices, add can of tomatoes, peas and cook for 10mins. Add coconut milk/cream and simmer until peas are soft. Serve with rice.

NB: I washed and soaked my peas overnight with 1tsp of bicarb soda, this helps quicken the cooking process So sorry for the rushed recipe process and steps, I really can't wait when I have more time to document my passion for food. I will endeavour to link as many recipes to what comes close to mine as possible (just for those that need measurements etc). Thanks so much for coming past, it means the world to me. Even more when you leave a comment! So please, don't be shy!

Have a sensational week and as always, can't wait to touch base with you again. Xx Dani