Roast beef with pomegranate and feta

I know, strange combination right? Wrong. It was super tasty! These flavours were so complimentary to one another and besides; it goes to show whatever you have in your pantry, fridge, or fruit bowl can be used to create magic!That's what us Mums are all about - creating magic. And because I feel better on beef, this gives me my get up and go! So why does beef make me feel so good? Well, we all need iron to produce energy from the amazing array of food we eat and for our brain and immune system to function normally. I instantly know when my iron levels become low! It becomes more difficult for me to perform at my best and can leave me feeling tired, moody, and down in the dumps. When it comes to the best source of iron, quality is more important than quantity.

‘Haem' iron’ is found in red meat like beef and is well absorbed by the body, whereas less iron is absorbed from plant foods which are lacking in haem iron. The redder the meat, the higher the iron content and red meat like beef is the best source of haem iron – did you know that beef has twice the iron of pork and four times the iron of chicken? That's why I love beef so much. There's also such a wide variety of cuts to choose from - from mince for my yummy Bolognese sauce, to cuts like beef sirloin or bolar roast for a delicious roast beef - and it makes a delicious healthy, balanced meal whether you are after a quick and easy bite; or a family favourite like this recipe.

So make sure you get some beef into you!

Roast beef with pomegranate and feta

Ingredients 1kg beef sirloin roast Salt and pepper Slithers of garlic 2 Spanish onions cut into wedges A handful of pomegranates 3-4 small cubes of feta or goats cheese 6 corb on the cob 500g Baby spinach


Season beef with salt and pepper and ensure you rub it in.

Slice up garlic and insert wherever you see any pockets and beneath the fat layer. Put roast beef into roasting tray, drizzle with olive oil and add onion wedges. Place in preheated oven at 180-200°C degrees and cook until you get your preferred medium rare or well-done finish! Allow to cool sightly and enjoy the smelling aromas of one of our family favourite Sunday night meals. Serve with whatever seasonal vegetables and fruits you have. I had spinach, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes and of course my fave goats cheese with pomegranate pieces. Always aim for 3 vegetables and 1-2 serves of carbohydrate foods for a healthy, balanced meal. Such a delicious combo of flavours, I hope you enjoy! Leave me with your favourite Sunday night family meals.


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