PIZZA night!!! You'll never buy take away again...

Now I must warn you I will be overloading this page with a lot of pizza shots!! A step by step guide on this revolutionary home made pizza recipe that only requires 2 ingredients.

Self raising (I use wholemeal for the clean eating version) flour

warm tepid water

actually 3....olive oil but I missed that step tonight

That's it!!! You will never buy take away pizza again, EVER! My husband is a pizza connoisseur and he gives me a 10 out of 10. Thank you very much....also to Kris a girlfriend of mine letting me know about Jamie Olivers quick pizza base and how basic and simple it was to cook on the stove top & then grill the toppings in the oven. Under 10 minutes!!!!! It's electric!

Anyways back to my morning of glorious food. You must know by now how much I LOVE  MY FOOD right? Yes, as much as my kids! Maybe a little bit more, just kidding!

I did my 15 minute Transformation Challenge workout before school drop off. I love how my kids mimic my movements and get so excited to exercise with me in the morning!!!! Too funny especially when I am telling them to brush their teeth and get ready for school.

My pre workout meal

Apple puree (about half a cup) no added sugar of course

Post workout drink/meal (remember you need to always fuel your body pre and post workouts)

Green smoothie with protein powder

(added 1/2 cup of cooked porridge) as this was my breaky on the run

Morning snack

1 orange

1/2 cup yogurt with nuts



left over tuna rissoles with salsa salad and yogurt

Afternoon snack

Vegetable juice (left over red capsicum, 2 cucumbers, 4 broccoli florets, 1 apple & ginger) so delish!

crackers with hommus dip


PIZZA's ;-))))) I prepare a base station with all the topping to make it easy to move quickly.

Kids had Hawaiian and we had spinach, salami, anchovy & feta

Stage 1 (this takes 2 mins)

Add your flour quantity and blend the flour adding a splash of water until it looks like a breadcrumb texture (I also add garlic salt, herbs but forgot the olive oil tonight, oops!) and keep mixing until the dough starts to roll around in your blender


Stage 2 (and this only takes 2 mins)

Gently knead for a couple of minutes and make into bases. Place in a fry pan lightly sprayed with olive oil

Stage 3 (seriously this too only takes 2 mins)

Add toppings and cook over stove top until base is cooked, then simply place under the griller for the toppings to melt and crust goes crispy!


Stage 4 (inhale in 2 mins!!!)


Sorry my beautiful people but I have serious internet issues and am not able to load all my pics properly!!! I am devastated!!! As you may have already guessed, I am a very visual person so I want to be able to show you what's happening here. I do apologise and hope to update the pictures real soon. Please come back again xxDani