My New Plant Based Diet

I woke up Monday morning and just knew my life had changed. All the pieces of my 43 years puzzles came together and it was like a took that blue Matrix pill and turned vegan overnight.

It's been 2 weeks since I have consumed or worn anything that contains animals. Not only is it better for my health but I also have strong feelings about how our animals are being treated in today's day and age. I feel our humanity has gone and our planet is paying a big price with the 56 billion animals being slaughtered for our own pleasure to eat, drive around and wear these innocent lives that deserve a place on this earth like us.

Without going into all my other beliefs, I simply shared some of my views with our 4 children and they too decided to no longer eat animals but to love them. Don't get me wrong, it's all about taking baby steps (even though I went 100%) some of our kids are vegetarian and one in particular is fully dedicated and committed as he too is passionate and wants to make a difference.

Adrian has been amazing! He is supporting me even though week one was a challenge as I no longer was cooking anything that had animal product. I simply refuse to handle meat and prepare it, so the cooking meat and preparing meat was now Adrian's responsibility so he made a quick decision to simply eat whatever I was making at home and for any of his meat requirements he would simply buy it at work for lunch or take away food.


Our meals haven't really changed. We ate relatively healthy, it's just trying to get used to no more cheese and ham toasties as emergency food or 2-minute noodles with beef or chicken stock. However slowly we are getting used to things and I am toning things down.

When I woke up Monday morning, I told hubby I didn't want to drive my leather interior BMW car. He then realized I wasn't joking going 100% vegan.

So I have sold some of my leather goods and shoes, and here's a funny story. Adrian googled whether my car had leather seats and it actually has a man made material that looks and feels like leather but it isn't leather! Hilarious! I am still driving his truck as it's higher for me to get into due to my recent SI joint injury. More on that on my fitness post.

For now check my video for a typical day of a plant based lifestyle.

Could you ever try and go vegan for a day or two?


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