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I love to travel. And I’ve raised my family to love it too. What’s not to love??

New people to meet, new scenery to admire, new beaches to walk on and mountains to climb. It’s AMAZING!

The people who know me best know I find it hard to stay in the one place for too long so having a car to get me from A to B – and all the way to that exotic Z too – is an absolute must-have.

I don’t know about you, but being cocooned inside a fabulously comfy car is one of my favourite pleasures. I’m one of those people who cranks the stereo UP and rolls the windows down. (for those that have been watching me over on Snapchat you know what I am talking about! ha ha). Those clever designers of my Volvo XC90 even put the sub-woofer in the roof so the sound system spreads sounds evenly throughout the entire car – even for everyone in the back row of seats.


I have such wanderlust wonder. I’m an addict!

I’m lucky enough to be living my fantasies in the 2015 winner of Australia’s Best Cars - and what I also love is that, while I’m enjoying being behind the wheel of a car that is SO lovely to drive and has all the techno things I love to make my driving a completely stress-free adventure, all four kids, and my husband, also have room to move.

Once we’re in that car, we are all about getting to where we’re going and with me being such a passionate advocate for healthy eating – and practical things you can do on the move – I LOVE that the kids have drink holder space for freshly-made fruit smoothies to keep them hydrated and refreshed (and distract them from those inevitable sibling niggles).


If you’re a mum like me, you’ve probably told your kids about how you’re always watching them to keep them out of trouble but in this car, it’s actually true. My car has seats like a theatre – tiered at different height levels. It means that I can check out what the kids in the middle row are up to and still have eye contact with the little ones in the back row as well – brilliant! Perfect for me – maybe not so fun for them! There’s no escaping their mum’s watchful eye – ha!

I remember I used to read my kids this fantastic picture book – Are We There Yet? – and maybe you’ve read it to your kids too?

I think I Ioved it even more than they did because it reminded me of all those long-distance driving trips my family used to take me on and the way I was that little voice in the back seat asking that nagging question: are we there yet?


But any kids riding around in today’s cool SUVs like this Volvo probably don’t make that same connection, come to think of it…I think they’re having too much fun being cosy in the car, with entertainment at their fingertips, healthy snacks within easy reach and such a smooth ride in air-conditioned comfort. It’s a lot different than the rattly, sweaty car trips we used to make in my childhood, that’s for sure…


It makes me feel like we can go anywhere – and just keep going. I dream of doing that one day. Maybe I will! Just pack a bag, jump in the car and drive! How fun would that be? Not a care in the world. Just the people you love with you and the open road stretching out ahead….Remember we are the NOMADZ6.

I am such a dreamer and love making them come true.

Where would you go if you could hop in a car and drive anywhere you like? I’d love to hear….

Catch up on my pics of me and my family on our latest Wanderlust Volvo driving adventure on Instagram, especially my car wash angel;

Our Saturday morning has kicked off with Zali washing my @volvocarsaus ?? Seriously though THANK YOU honey @adrianjstevens for washing my #AllNewXC90 ??? I love you. Let the weekend adVentures begin!!!! XxDani Your Everyday Fitness Food Motivator

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