MOVE of the day - workout for at least 5 minutes

Hey! Here's me again inspiring and motivating YOU to move your body everyday. So today is all about finding 5 minutes in your day to workout. Come join me over at YOU-app with Jamie Oliver.

Just do something that YOU love and while you’re looking after you – whether it’s doing burpees, or walking or climbing a rock wall at your indoor climbing centre – check out the very cool YOU-app with Jamie Oliver. I'm excited to contribute my tips to Jamie’s app that is all about building a happier, healthier world by inspiring action.

If you’ve got school-aged kids, the challenge is about how to manage your fitness goals while you are busy with kids. The good news is…it’s even easier! If the weather is good, you can take your actions to the local park or beach – a game of Frisbee, flying a kite, throwing a ball around or just walking the dog are all fantastic ways to stay moving together. And if the weather is wet? Take it indoors. Kids love a good outing and with rollerskating, ice-skating, indoor rock climbing, your body can move in all kinds of interesting ways. If you want to save money, keep it simple at home. We are huge fans of the family dance-off – it's hilarious, the funnier the better! Laughing is also a workout you know! So much fun and the more energetic the music is, the faster you can shake your booty for some active dance moves.

Winter is a great time to cook together too and even that doesn’t have to be a sedentary activity. Plan a list of ingredients for one of your favourite healthy soups or treats and go for a family walk to the local market or supermarket and make it the beginning of a fun family day. The reward for your efforts is whatever yummy thing you create together.

Here's Oscar prepping his lunch with his version of tune and avocado sushi.

Oscar's Tuna and Avocado Sushi


1 avocado

1 small tin of tuna

1 cup of cooked sticky rice

2 seaweed rolls


Mix all ingredients together and roll with bamboo gadget! That's it, Oscar's instructions. ha ha

And coming soon at, you can check out 365 – it’s a new product I’m developing to empower YOU to live your life to the max!!! More on that very soon…In the meantime, get moving.

And tell me this – how are you going to move for 5 minutes today? Share with me here if you would like to see YOU-app with Dani Stevens so we can both keep accountable everyday.