Move Motivation and Star Wars Party Food

I love having early mornings where I kick off with some exercise, in particular my Pilates and "Dani time". Even if it's for five minutes each day, it's my time to stop and gather my thoughts  to make my day amazing!

I went out for a coffee with Adrian this morning and his dad who's here for a week. Then the girls and I climbed up and down my favourite set of stairs ten times. We had so much fun!

Check out my Saturday morning thus far....

Then it was party time! Zali had her first ever mini school AKA kindergarten birthday party to attend. She typically goes with Mietta when she's invited to a party so it was great to see her playing with her own new little friends.

It was such a cool Stars Wars party theme birthday, bravo to the parents who went all out;

How about you? What's your favourite "me time" and how often do you have it each day?


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