Monday Meal planner with Push Ups!

The start of another week to this fabulous year! February saw us host the No Added Sugar #NASwithDani challenge which was a huge success and my No Added Sugar FREE eBook will be out soon for your to enjoy the amazing recipes that were shared! This month of course brings another challenge, one of my favourites, the March Push Ups and Eat Your Greens Challenge!  Check it out here and be sure your tag all your wonderful creations to #pushupsandgreens

Now lets start prepping for the week ahead!


Breakfast Fully Raw Apple Cereal with Cinnamon

challenge apple
fig walnut salad
dinner oct miniloafs
choc raspberries

I hope you have a fab week and enjoy those 30 push ups a day! It might sound hard but it truly isn't - it is just 10 at breakfast, 10 at lunch and 10 at dinner! Get the whole family, friends and work colleagues involved and work those muscles! They will thank you at the end of it! Before and after shots always help to track your progress.  You will be super surprised at the difference it will make.

Happy Monday beautiful!

Xx Dani Stevens

Your Everyday Fitness Food Motivator