Monday Meal Planner with a few more birthday treats!

Yep my birthday week was fab but sadly it has ended. Well that’s what I am telling everyone but secretly, I am still celebrating! I am incorporating some more delicious celebrative snacks in this week’s Meal Planner just to keep my party going! Hands up if your birthday is this week and I will celebrate with you!! I had the opportunity to attend the Moveable Feast down at Bondi Beach and WOW! No words can describe the elegance and class this event brought. Did you see me boogying at the event? If not make sure you check it out here! I was in my element…. Love, lights and fun!


Breakfast Smoothie Fruit Cereal from my 5 Day Fruit Breakfast Guide

Snack Superfood Balls

Lunch Hawaiian Scrolls

Dinner Chicken burgers with Lupin Flakes and Haloumi Cheese Salad

carrot cake

Lunch Quick and easy FISH TACO’s

Dinner Dani’s Chicken Chilli Con

We are half way through our March #pushupsandgreens challenge! I hope you are still eating those greens and pumping those push ups! Keep tagging your posts as I love to see your progress! It is quick, simple and fun and can seriously push them out anywhere!

Happy Monday gorgeous!

Xx Dani

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