Meal Planner to take out March!

How are you this fine Monday Morning? Hope your day has started with a BANG and you are set to shop for this awesome Monday Meal Planner! March is nearly done and dusted and I cannot stop thinking where February even went... seriously! Super quick but as always it has been SUPER SUPER FUN and exciting!! Now April planning is in full motion and I am loving what is to come. How about you?

Keep your eyes and ears open for the exciting changes ahead! I have some wonderful things to share with you and would love your help to make things real!


Breakfast Home Made Bircher Muesli

Lunch Tomato Bean Salad

Snack Apple Chai Muffins

Dinner Meatballs is Chargrilled Eggplant



Breakfast Detox Juice

Lunch Salmon Wraps


Dinner Mini meatloaf with greek garden salad

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Love life, smile, laugh and live for today!

Xx Dani

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