Monday Meal Planner to suit my #NASwithDani Challenge!

Welcome to another week of our Monday Meal Planners. I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day weekend. Come check out my hot date with Miss Chu herself, she's one passionate woman. I can't wait to cook and learn how to make Vietnemese rice paper rolls with her. Enjoy this Meal Planner which will compliment my #NASwithDani challenge!

Start your shopping list today to be prepared for an amazing week ahead!


Breakfast Vanilla chia pudding with berries

snack oct banana bites
snack nov pikelet corn

Please continue to share your No Added Sugar recipes with #NASwithDani so we can all explore and experiment together. If you have any tips on dealing with those sugar cravings share with #DaniandCo on our Facebook Community page, where we chat everything from fitness, food and our life! I am open to any conversation and I LOVING connecting with you daily! Keep the conversation's going and lets inspire each other to continue living a healthier and happy life.

Xx Dani

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