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Super excited to share this beautiful human being with you today.

Naturally Holly

Holly Moffitt (George) is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath and mum. Passionate about the vegan lifestyle and eating, Holly loves nothing more than assisting others on their path to see just how simple healthy eating can be. With down to earth tips and over a decade of experience, Holly is able to inspire, delight and help you make the long term changes you have always desired.

I met Holly 3 years ago at a yoga retreat and it’s unbelievable how our paths have crossed again!

Holly spends 5 minutes with us today to get to know her better;

1. What fitness activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy?

Right now I am loving evening walks with my darling girl. We walk for about and hour through our little neighborhood and always schedule time to play in the park (and bark) with friends.
I also try to do some gentle stretching of various body parts each day as carrying around a heavy bubby alongside breastfeeding can leave me feeling a little lopped-sided.
The cream of the crop for my weekly exercise is our mums and bubs class followed by match lattes and mummies group. I am always sore after this one!

2. Describe your dream meal- what could we expect to find on your plate?

Is this made for me or made myself! A dream meal for me is an adventure. I love trying new foods and flavours, especially ones that I cannot possibly work out how they are created. Of course, being vegan I have eaten some amazing foods on my travels and right here at home. If I was forced to choose a dream meal I would say a vegan big breakfast.

Explore through a plate of homemade crusty sourdough, deliciously seasoned umami garlic mushrooms. A fried hash of potato and yummy veggies, some artisan cashew cheese, half an avocado and maybe some delights like a mystery veg benny or some vegan sausages. Delish!

3. Who’s your go to style icon- who have you always admired for their style and why?

I am going to throw a curve ball on this one. I am currently working with a #project333 summer capsule wardrobe. This means that I am working with a core wardrobe complete with shoes and accessories (but not underwear or activewear) of 33 items for 3 months, or a season.

This is a hugely popular concept in the minimalist community and coined by a lady named Courtney Carver. The idea is that you simplify your wardrobe and thus this frees you up to make fast outfit decisions, you know everything works together and you spend less time shopping or thinking about shopping!

4. What’s a childhood habit or mannerism that has followed you to adulthood?

My mum has shared with me that as a child I would always each my vegetables first and ignore or only pick at my meat on the plate.

When I was 13 and growing up in the country, it was part of my schooling that we elect to work on a school farm. On the farm we had chickens, sheep, calves and a whole field of vegetables. For a brief time we also had pigs. We were treated as adults and shown how things worked on the farm. This meant that when the pigs had grown it was time to send them to the slaughter. The calves would be separated from their mothers and once they even killed and dissected a chicken in the name of learning.

That day I came home and announced to my family that I would now be a vegetarian and began to learn and cook all manner or delirious plant based creations.

I guess it stuck as I am writing this now aged 30 and representing as a vegan naturopath.

5. Name three things you can’t leave the house without and why?

I always carry my reusable water bottle with dings and scratches all over it. I have also now added my awesome Sea Shepherd Keep cup to the mix so all of my zero waste drinking needs are met.

Obviously I always carry my phone which is currently an iPhone 6 to snap all my scrummy vegan meals and capture special moments with my daughter. I also like to share my minimalism and zero waste journey so I document all of my experiments.

I cannot stand, literally cannot stand dry lips so I always have my tingly Hurraw lip balm with me in case of emergency.

THANK YOU Holly for sharing your life with us and especially helping me and my young family transition to our new plant based lifestyle.

I can’t wait to do our 3-day Plant Based challenge together!

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We look forward to bringing you whole foods for a happier and healthier you.

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