Layne Beachley World Surfing Champion

Can you beat Layne Beachley? It was all about #beatthebeachley last month on the Carnival Spirit last month. Seven times ASP world champion Layne Beachley is widely known as the best-ever female surfer. In fact, she is the only surfer – female or male – to claim six consecutive world titles (1998-2003) before she retired in 2006. These days this inspiring woman also loves to ‘give back’ to the community, providing support to her sport, as well as a variety of charities. She’s also an Officer of the Order of Australia and she has her own charity ‘Aim for the Stars’ which mentors young women.

Layne, who is one of Australia’s most popular public speakers, knows that to dream takes a lot of courage. This wise woman believes If you want to set yourself apart from the masses, you need to set yourself a goal, no matter how unrealistic it might seem.

Having struggled to support herself financially during her surfing days, Layne created Aim for the Stars to help other women who need extra assistance to achieve their goals. When she started out, Layne was working four jobs to help fund overseas ventures and contest endeavours, so now she wants to help others who might also be struggling financially. Her desire is to encourage and motivate all inspirational women to achieve their wildest dreams!

Recently Layne hosted a fun morning ‘Beat the Beachley’ on-board the fabulous Carnival Spirit – where kids were invited to challenge Layne at a variety of events, such as sliding down the massive water slide Green Thunder or trying to beat her at a round of mini golf.

I first connected with Layne via the wonderful people at Carnival who wanted me to participate in Beat the Beachley and support this worthy charity. Sadly, I couldn’t attend but, even though I wasn’t there in person, I sure was there in spirit (Carnival Spirit…get it?!) In typical ‘Dani style’ I always seem to manage to make things happen even if I wasn’t able to interview Layne face to face.

  1. What activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy?

I have been surfing since I was 4 years old, 19 years professionally and the one activity I always schedule into my day is a surf. I absolutely love it! It enables me to maintain a healthy sense of perspective due to it’s meditative qualities while keeping my life in balance, providing a sense of calm, happiness and my daily dose of Vitamin D. If there isn’t any surf I will always make the time to immerse myself in nature which inspires me and makes me feel happy and healthy.

2. Describe your dream meal- what could we expect to see on your plate?

Being a Gemini, variety is the spice of my life, which means I don’t have just one favourite meal. I love eating clean, green, fresh and in season as well as indulging in the occasional Pizza, hot chips and dark chocolate. My favourite comfort food meal is my husbands Turkey bolognese on brown rice spaghetti pasta, sprinkled with fresh Pecorino.

3. Who is your style icon?

My husband has always been my style icon, teaching me what to wear and how to wear it. He has impeccable taste and style and I admire how he cares about his image and the effort he goes to.

4. A childhood habit or mannerism that has followed me into adulthood?

I’m quite disorganised and messy which causes my husband distress as he is very structured and incredibly organised. I remember my step mother offering me money to clean my bedroom so that seems to have followed me in to adulthood, much to my husbands displeasure.

5. 3 things I can’t leave the house without? Why?

  1. Sunglasses. I spend an enormous time in the sun and heavily rely on my Oakley sunglasses to keep my eyes protected.
  2. Bottle of filtered water. I drink 3 litres of fresh filtered water a day so I always have my canister with me to keep refilling.
  3. A house key. If I leave without it, I can’t get back in!

A heart felt thank you to the AMAZING Layne Beachley for joining us today!

I am pumped to have scored my first hole in one on the Carnival Spirit!!

Xx Dani

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