John West Fiery Tuna Rice Paper Rolls

Happy Friday! You know how much we love our rice paper rolls and who can resist the new John West Fiery range! I’m super excited to work with John West and create these amazing tuna rice paper rolls jam packed with spice and exhilarating flavour!

I love working with brands that make sustainability a priority and earlier this year John West became MSC certified, which is the world’s best standard in sustainability. Bravo JW!!!

Check them out;

John West FIERY Tuna

Chipotle is all about that rich smokey flavour and balance of heat.

Tangy Jalapeno has slices of Green Jalepenos with a really tangy fresh flavour.

Red Hot Sriracha “Cha Cha” cha-Ching! This one is divine! The light sweetness and tangy vinegar to compliment the hot red chili sauce is delicious.

Inferno yeah baby! You know I like it HOT! This has diced and whole red chilli’s throughout, taking heat to a brand new level!

They are super tasty! Adrian took some to keep in his top drawer at work, with crackers to snack on, and the kids help themselves after school too.

John West FIERY Tuna Rice Paper Rolls



1x 95g can of John West FIERY tuna (my choice was Red Hot Sriracha) Shredded carrot Slices of avocado Sprigs of coriander Vermicelli rice noodles Salad leaves


Follow the rice paper roll instructions and place your ingredients in the middle, fold the sides and roll OR you can watch the Queen Of Rice Paper Rolls Miss Chu and I in action here.

Zali’s in love with John West’s new chef ambassador too and can’t stop giggling at The Lunchtime Social Feed. Here’s some more easy-to-make lunchtime meals…

What about you? What’s your favorite tuna recipe?

Have a sensational weekend and see you over on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.


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