It's not easy being Green... Yes it is!

Kermit the Frog sang a song once – It’s Not Easy Being Green.


But Kermit never took my March challenge. Did he? Ha ha. You know how easy it is being green. I have seen it in our #pushupsandgreens challenge gallery plastered all over social media. It's epic.




Green veggies are loaded with so many GOOD nutrients and vitamins our body needs on a daily basis. I love it and need it in my life everyday. Having our daily greens – and the darker and leafier, the better – are good for your skin, your hair and your body. Plus our kids love it! Check out our Shrek Spinach swamp soup. Press play...




Want to know more ways to eat your greens? What about green eggs? My kids LOVE them. Very Dr Seuss. Eggs are a great start to the day at any time –they are packed with protein and other fab things – and by adding anything from sautéed spinach to a spoonful of pesto, you can add flavour and colour that make them even more exciting.




Not forgetting our Green Smoothies too! Super quick and easy. I try and make one each morning after my morning walks down the beach. Moving your body, taking deep breaths of water and meditating is what sets my day off!

Also blitzing some fruit (and veggies) together in the blender or juicer creates a burst of energy in a glass. I love anything from green apples, green grapes, kale leaves if you like (but I much prefer spinach because I am NOT a fan of bitter flavours).

MY approach to the March challenge has been to do add an extra batch of green goodness to every meal. So, if I normally have broccoli on the plates at dinner time, I still have it, but I add a serve of green beans. And at lunch time? In my sandwich, I might add baby spinach leaves. Now, because of the March challenge, I add a handful of sprouts or some crunchy snow peas.

Delicious. You can check out some lovely recipes right here for inspiration.

What have you been doing for the March challenge? I’d LOVE to see pics of your favourite green food flavours and how you’ve been adding them to your diet in March.

Have a great day!

Xx Dani

Your Everyday Fitness Food Motivator