It is here LETS MOVE 365

It's been a long time coming and it's not going to be perfect but it's going to be me. 365 days of the year I will share with you our family fitness, food, motivation and EVERYTHING lifestyle related on how we live a healthy and happy life. [Psssst! I will be revamping my site shortly to make it more user friendly however for now, please bare with me.]

After all, that is what everyone desires. Happiness is the ultimate holy grail in my opinion and I want to share this with you and my family.

No money in the world can buy happiness, health or love. Well, yeah I know buying materialist things can make help you feel happy temporarily but I don't like bandaid solutions.

So here are my 4 philosophies that represent me, my brand Dani Stevens;


The strongest girl I know 😍💪🏼 XxDani Your Everyday Fitness Food Motivator

I'm all about moving our body 365 days of the year, a walk down the park with your dog or some playground fun with the kids, it may even be a quick 4 minute Tabata session as you slept in or make time for your one hour Reformer Pilates class. Whatever your combination is, move 365 is the key.


Moving your body with focus, motivation and a positive attitude to the benefits of regular activity – that’s the foundation of healthy fitness.

For me, fitness is about what you do – and how you think as well. It covers everything you choose to put in your mouth, as well as the movements you choose to make. Fitness should be fun. If not, it’s time to take a fresh approach. Hence Lets Move 365.


We are what we eat, so eat real food mostly plants and of course the protein of your choice. Food is what moves us, like fuel in a car. Our body cannot function properly if one or more nutrients or vitamins are missing. Keeping a healthy and balanced diet with the right amounts of combinations will enable us to keep active and energized.

In my latest ebook I share this delicious very berry smoothie bowl. Hit my bio and grab yourself a copy today! XxDani

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You know how much I LOVE my food.

The variety, the flavours, the textures, the nutrition – food is an amazing fuel for your body and your mind.

So choose fresh, colourful, natural food is an essential ingredient to any healthy, happy life.


Mind over matter. As you know I am such a strong believer in the power of our thoughts and YOU know ANYTHING is possible right? You have seen me do it for the past few years and only recently I did something similar which I will share in future 365 posts. Motivation is what drives us to continue to live a healthy and fit life.

You deserve all the happiness in the world 💋💋💋 XxDani Your Everyday Fitness Food Motivator


It’s not always easy to find but motivation is SUCH a powerful thing.

With it, I feel like I can take on anything – same with you! Set your goals and ambitions and watch them come true.

Of course motivation is a personal thing. It can drive you to be happy, successful, safe, secure – or to create a life that is meaningful and full of purpose.

The desire to be healthy, active and fit is a great motivation to make healthy choices. By eating good food and enjoying regular exercise that keeps your body fit and strong, you protect your body’s good health and it’s chance for a longer life. I have 4 kids and I want to play with my Grandkids and be there for friends and family I love. What more motivation do you need?


I love my life. I love to travel, I love seeing the smiles on our kids faces when we take them places or we are simply experiencing our own dreams either every day, month or those epic yearly experiences!

How about you? What's your ideal lifestyle? Write it down.... Trust me, I did and this happened.

My family and I moved from regional Victoria to the warmer, more relaxed feel of life in a small coastal town in northern NSW. For us, it has been THE best lifestyle decision we’ve ever made. We are mostly outdoors getting some "free" happy hormones from the sun! You gotta love Vitamin D and serotonin.

Lifestyle, to me, is about being able to do what makes you feel good, with people you love, while staying true to your values and achieving your personal and professional goals and ambitions.


Ten years ago, I would never have dreamed that I would make a living from being healthy, happy and active – and sharing my ideas with other people to motivate them to achieve their own good health and happiness. Lifestyle is about being where you want to be, with the people you want to be with- doing something that puts a smile on your face. I have several enquiries from my various social pages asking me how I made this BIG move with such a young family. What is it like here, many jobs? How are the schools there etc...

This makes me so happy to read and that is why Lets Move 365 is here! #DS365 is all about inspiring YOU to live your dreams and be happy and healthy. Live where you want to live, go where you want to go and keep dreaming because it's yours to live.

Welcome and see you over on my new Instagram page or if you're on Facebook, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat or Twitter. I am everywhere you want me to be!


Thank you for being a part of this epic journey as you know my Father recently passed away so he would be delighted to see this finally flourish!


Your Everyday Fitness Food Motivator