Interview with Jamie Oliver and Happy 40th Birthday

WOO HOO!! Happy BIG 40th birthday, Jamie - and welcome to Dani (it's been a long time coming and we’re all glad you’re here with us). Those of you who have followed me for the past few years know how much of my cooking has been influenced by this inspirational chef. One example? I tweaked Jamie's 5-minute pizza recipe into my own healthy version with a twist and, I swear, it’s had a lot to do with my husband falling back in love with me – even after four children and a long marriage!

I was lucky enough to catch up with Jamie while he was here in Australia to launch his global Food Revolution Day petition to the G20 countries at the Sydney Opera House. What an outstanding achievement by this incredible man – and how awesome that it happened because it was supported by all of us around the world who signed and shared this petition. A whopping 1.5 million people signed up to promote this global movement in the past several weeks – calling for the need to educate our children globally. C'mon, G20!!!!! Let's give our kids practical food education so every child can fight against food-related disease. What an amazing birthday present that would be for Jamie!

If you haven't already signed the petition, please do. Just go to and then share it. Jamie is just one man but his beliefs echo many of our voices and together we really can ALL make a difference in the world.

And now…here’s Jamie. He took five minutes with us to share his fitness, food and style ethos. Enjoy!


1. What fitness activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy? I have to schedule fitness in to my work day 3 to 5 mornings a week or i just don't get time.  I run to the gym and then do 45mins of strength training which seems to work really well for me.

2. Describe your dream meal - what could we expect to find on your plate? My dream meal is still my Mums Sunday roast.  Sat with all the family around the table, roasted meat smells, gorgeous veggies fresh from the garden, roasted potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings and of course some bad ass gravy.  Its so simple but so delicious.

3. Who’s your go to style icon - who have you always admired for their style, and why? Well clearly I don't have much style but I am working on it!  I'm trying to dress more grown up these days.  However I think loads of people have great style like Paul Smith. Russell Brand and Christopher Bailey from Burberry.

4. What’s a childhood habit or mannerism that has followed you into adulthood? When I am trying to read I don't hear anything else around me.  Its something I picked up as a kid as I was trying to concentrate so hard.  I'm dyslexic so it was always harder for me.  But I still do it now and it drives my wife and kids mad!  They think I am ignoring them and being rude.

5. Name three things you can’t leave the house without and why? My phone, my wallet and my fashion forward man bag!

BIG love Jamie, have a great birthday and thanks for visiting Team Dani! All my favourite men are turning 40 this year - not only was it David Beckham’s birthday earlier this month but my handsome hubby turns 40 in Rocktober as well! Ahhhh… 1975 was a good year!

Check out his surprise 40th Birthday! So cool.

Don't forget to join us over at YOU-app with Jamie this month and in June as it's all about planking. If you are advanced, hold your plank for the entire 2 minutes or 30 seconds x 4 sets. This week, you can check out Jamie busting out a plank while he was in Greece. What a backdrop!

Happy Hump Day and see you over on Instagram for more fun and daily action.