How social media helps me grieve the loss of my father

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be writing about my fathers death on social media. Nor did I think it would also be a platform for me to heal and share my pain.

My fathers death was unexpected. In fact a shock. He was due to arrive today and I think that's the hardest part of all.

I spoke with Dad on Saturday 26th April, the after his 69th birthday and his last words were;

"I'll see you soon."

You know what? Zali was right. She left me with a great thought and said;

"Mama, Deda is still here" as she looked up into the night sky and pointed;

"See, there's Deda shining down on us!"

Coming from a 4 year old with such insight and wisdom, it truly gives me hope that he is watching over us and making sure my precious family is safe.

Don't get me wrong. It's not the same thing, a star shining bright vs him being right next to me telling me jokes and laughing. But I look up in the sky every night and see my Tata shining bright

That's how I will ALWAYS remember Dad, a shining smile on his face, the big joker and a man everyone admired.

Thank you snapchat and ALL social media platforms, I love you. In fact I thank you. Thank you for letting me share my feelings and everyone that has sent me hundreds of heart warmth messages and flowers this past week. It's been amazing! I think its really important for people to speak out and talk about their feelings instead of internalising things because this can do more damage than good. It helps me on a personal level to grieve the loss of my father and help my become whole again.

Tonight our family let go of yellow balloons with notes to Dad to send up in heaven.


Here's a message from one of my amazing Dani & Co. community on Instagram;

"Hello I'm so sorry for your loss ~ your amazing strength and smiles light up so many people everyday so make sure you rely on us back to help you through this time ... I lost my partner 6 years ago in a car accident " I was lucky to survive and carry on with my 3 children .. We are all human and each day carries a new lesson and journey but I just wanted to let you know that he will be with you forever and your family in spirit, so smile and cry and know he's not missing a thing.

Hope you don't mind me sending this message I just wanted to let you know your not alone and if I can give back to you what you have given to me since pursue your passion event in anyway xxxx Sending love and light Tammy ?✨??"

How magical is that? I am speechless.

Then over on Facebook when I posted this;

"Life and Death energy. What a whirlwind these past 24hrs have been.

My Father. My Friend. GONE.

I'm speechless and buried into my children's smiling faces as they remember their "Deda".

Noah carries his middle name "Zlatko" and says his name still lives.

Oscar remembers the LEGO movie they watched last year.

Mietta loved the lollies he would sneak into our home.

Zali will forever look up at the stars, she said;

"See Mama! Deda is still here with us ? shining down upon us".

I have the best family and friends in the whole world. I love them so much. Thank you for all your beautiful messages and so much love. I appreciate YOU so much.

Snapchat ? danistevens_1 has the latest.

I love you Tata. Baš si mi bio smešan and I reckon that's why I'm so funny ???? RIP Papa ??❤️

??? XxDani

Comments flooded and beautiful thoughts like these were left;

"My sincerest condolences Dani. He was clearly a very special human being - his presence will never leave you. X0X0"

"So shattered to think how you must be feeling. Huge loss for you all. What a great legacy he has left in you. Take care beautiful x"

"Hugs and kisses don't do it. Did you feel that? That was a group hug from Edith and I at this difficult time. Our hearts and thoughts are with you and if I know anything about you it's that all those around you will be comforted by everything that is you and you by all of us. Strongest hugs from your life VC buddy!! ❤️"

"Oh such sad news Dani Stevens thinking of you and your gorgeous family right now. You are one very strong and amazing lady your dad would and always will be proud of you. Big hugs and kisses from me xx"

So THANK YOU from my bottom of my heart for being a part of my circle of life where happiness and sadness, hard times and good times will be shared 365 days of the year right here.

Who's ready to share my #DS365 #LetsMove365 new adventure? It's going to be one awesome ride!


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