How do colours effect your mood?

How much do you think colour plays a part in your feelings and mood? As a way of sharing some really great health and fitness and recipes ideas and tips with all of you, as you know I recently launched my new e-book and suddenly I was in the world of branding and design and colour psychology and layout. It’s made me think of the colours of everything around me. I came across this quote;

"Dare to be a POP of colour in a world that is black and white"

At the moment the kids and I are loving driving around in a gorgeous Volvo XC60 – just the thing for our family on the move and I extra, extra love it for its colour. White. To me, it’s just clean and stylish and fresh – and when I’m in it, whether I am by myself between meetings for my business, or racing around with fresh smoothies (of course!) in the drinks holders, delivering the kids to all their activities – just makes me feel good. I have also noticed that it’s made me more than usually careful about keeping the inside clean too – and that makes me feel even better.

What’s your happy colour?

I know when I whiz up some frozen banana and coconut water for a quick snack, there’s something extra satisfying about dropping in some frozen mixed berries – that burst of colour just makes it seem like a FUN way to get all those important nutrients into my body.

And green juices….? They just FEEL extra good because of that fresh colour. Green, for me, is about spring and new beginnings – so when I load my body up with lots of fresh green things, it just seems to make perfect sense and it really makes me feel like I’m looking after myself.

With my August Sleep Challenge, I was thinking about colours too – thinking about what impact different coloured bedding has on my mood and how colour can have such an influence on making me feel calm and rested.

Do you have a favourite colour that just makes you feel good? I’d love to hear about it. For me, another favourite is blue, of course. Our family’s recent sea-change to an ocean paradise is full of it – blue skies, blue water….it’s calming but also invigorating and managing to take my daily walk or do my stretches down on the sand makes keeping active feel even better for me.

I’m so looking forward to summer now that spring is already in the air – think this year will involve lots of cruising down the highway with the windows in the Volvo down and the fresh air coming in and reminding us how grateful we are to be living this life at the moment, packed with simple pleasures and just enjoying each other’s company and making the most out of life together. What are your plans?