Hello Fresh Leek Mushroom with Pearl Barley Recipe

Where have you been all my life? This dish is so delish. Super easy and if you soak your legumes and grains the night before they are super quick to boil or better still do what I do over the weekend and meal prep your legumes and grains so you have super duper quick dinners like tonight.  

Leek and Mushroom with Pearl Barley

I was going to type out the ingredients and method but as I'm packing for our trip tomorrow thought I would show you the convenient recipe card that comes in the box with all the recipe items. It's brilliant! 

Ingredients & Method  

The house smells amazing. It's super quick to prepare as you slice all your veggies as the barley cooks.  

Once everything is in the pan, all you do is cook it to your preference. I love them crunchy and not too soggy and over cooked - 5 minutes max. I also managed to keep this recipe within my 15 minute time frame. I think my induction cook top helps speed things up as well. 

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You're going to love it as this month I'm working with these amazing Hello Fresh people who have seriously made this Mama of 4 life super easy!

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Happy hump day! 


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