Happy Halloween from Australia

Growing up Mum never did Halloween, I would admire other kids or watch on TV how the American's would have ALL the fun dressing up on this day. Until it was my turn to become a Mum and dress up with my kids. I was Maleficent, Noah was a zombie, Oscar a butcher, Mietta the wicked witch and Zali a spider cat.


We had such a fun night, in fact check it all out on my snapchat story and let me know what you got up to this Halloween.

Halloween Maleficent costume

Did you keep it healthy? If no, here's some healthy treats for next year to keep handy when we do this all over again.

Or do what I did and mix water with some paprika, turmeric and wholemeal flower to make this all natural no preservatives scar face! Oscar was a great guinea pig.

See you again, next year.


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