Great Clear Skin & Teeth Whitening

Wowza! I love a good facial and what's even better white teeth after 43 years! That's what happened when I visited the amazing beauty therapist and owner Denise at Doyle's Academy over the weekend (introduced by the amazing Dale from Hair Beauty Guru) just up the road in Tweed City. Here's how my day started:

What Denise had to say about my current skin state:

In general Dani’s skin is ‘healthy’, well there was no surprise there!

To analyse skin there are three areas to begin with: • Initial • Visual • Touch The initial part takes a look at the client’s skin when you first meet. Are there any signs of obvious problems pigmentation, acne, sensitivity, does she go red when talking maybe blushing easily. Then comes the visual when you get up close and personal. What do the pores look like? Big? Small? Are there tiny blood vessels etc. Then comes the touch and this is when I discovered Dani was retaining fluid around her eye area in her lymph system. She explained that they had been a little congested with allergies. The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. It’s known as the ‘go between’. The blood vessels bring the good stuff, the lymph system bathes the blood vessel and the tissue allowing the good stuff to pass through and the waste to pass back and then takes it away. However there is no ‘pump’ in the lymph system to make it move around the body and then eliminated, so body movement is the answer. The lymph system has areas where it dumps the waste before it is finally eliminated. These dumping grounds, known as the lymph nodes, are in the areas of the body that naturally ‘squash’ such as the under arms, the groin, the back of the knees and the neck to name a few. These areas as they move ‘squash’ the lymph nodes naturally to empty them. It is highly recommended you drink lots of water after a lymphatic drainage massage to flush the body to remove the toxins and waste. When working around Dani’s eyes I first had to empty the nearest dumping ground so that they did not become over loaded. These dumping grounds, nodes, were located just behind the ear in Dani’s neck. Dani could actually feel the lymph being drained from around her eyes!!!! I have suggested we do this drainage session as part of our regime each month. Our next session is needling!! This is treatment uses electronic needles that safely penetrates the skin. This action causes multiple tiny punctures and trauma to the skin. Post traumatic response produces collagen and elastin two vital components in your skin that will improve the appearance of acne scarring, eliminate visible signs of aging and rejuvenate your skin. The skin heals quickly therefore there is a short amount of down time. I have suggested Dani uses Ultraderm Nightshift mask as part of a routine three times a week to improve the texture of her skin as well as boosting hydration, before our next encounter. I am looking forward to hearing her opinion on Nightshift as I personally love it!"


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