Get Outside Meditate And Ride A Bike

Things can get pretty overwhelming on my end managing our 4 kids schedule, a household of six people, my business, keeping fit and healthy, loads of travel in between, not to mention your general day to day life activities.

I have fallen in love with "me time" recently where I just jump on my bike and go for a ride to feel the wind in my hair and sun kiss my face. I'm especially loving meditation. It has truly enabled me to connect with my spirituality and helped me with my emotional awareness and how to be more mindful in my day.  

How do we meditate? I know when I used to do it several years ago, I found it too frustrating and got distracted with my surroundings, constantly thinking I had to put another load of washing, fold the clothes, go food shopping, start on dinner, clean the house the "brain-ticking" list was I simply gave up. 


Not now. Even if I simply sit still for 5 minutes to hear my heart beating and concentrate on my breath, I feel it gets me in the zone and prepare for the day ahead or throughout the day if I need to refocus. 

A quick way to meditate if you are a novice, is find a comfortable position wherever you are (in the office, at home, outside in a park etc...) you can either sit or lay down. Start with a slow inhale and exhale of a few deep breaths, breathing deep into the belly, to help you relax and bring you to the present moment. Then close your eyes and be present to what is being experienced with your eyes closed. Notice how your body is feeling, what activity is going through your mind and emotions. Allow this experience of whatever is present without resisting anything or trying to change it. Do this for about a minute.

If you learn just this today, I assure you it is a start of something pretty meaningful and has impacted my life in a positive way and I love to meditate daily. Especially when I have a view like this everyday. Ommmmmm....

Just like riding a bike. I love it! I get stopped all the time with my latest environmental friendly kkdu plum hot wheels. You would have noticed on my Instagram stories that we take this little buggy everywhere we go eg: down the beach with all our fun beach items, farmers market or sports field. 

My new Melbourne friends Astrid and Haydn have done such an amazing job creating the award-winning, most innovative and coolest bike trailer in the world. Plus if you don't want to ride around with it on the bike, you simply click it off and it converts into a 3-wheeled cart in under 10 seconds and you can wheel it around town!

Built for the country, designed for city, the name is inspired by the Northern Territory 'superfood' fruit called the Kakadu Plum – It’s available in 6 colours – all inspired by Australian flora. These are Kakadu Plum, Black Apple, Snowberry, Little Ruby, Lilli Pilli and Blue Marble. But I am sure if you asked for a Dani customised "black handles" Snowberry (I had my handles done in black tape) my kkdu plum friends would get this one done for you as well.

Sharing the love is what I am all about and these guys are simply genius! BRAVO!!!! I'm so proud of you.  

We love taking the buggie around instead of driving, we love the healthy aspect, greener and more convenient way to travel as a family of 6. Even though my electric Tesla Model X is still on my inspiration board, I had to get a kkdu plum in the mean time to save the planet! (wink with a smile) It's all about taking baby steps. 

I remembered our early days, carrying baskets of food, kids toys, the beach umbrella etc... huffing and puffing taking it all down to the beach when now we simply ride to the beach and pull the buggy onto the sand with everything on board and enjoy our family times together.

That's what we are all about and if we can share how we 

live happy, 

I want to encourage YOU too, to cycle more with your family, spend fun times together and reduce those millions of unnecessary car journeys being done every day, simply because there is no other way to carry your ‘stuff’ by bicycle. Cities around the world are so congested and polluted, and we all need to be looking after ourselves and the planet so much better than we are. If widely adopted, I truly believe the kkdu plum can play a major role in reducing car journeys, make people happier and keep them healthier by getting out and more active through increased cycling.

So make sure you get outside, meditate and ride a bike today!


365 Lifestyle Motivator