Friday Fitspo Beach Workout With Active Weekends

Wowza!!! What a sensational day 😍 Met Amanda my PT for another wicked Friday Fitness Group session with some local Mums. If you too want to join us for a weekend away please book here.

Here's our interval beach workout;

10 metre sprint

20 lunges

10 metre sprint

30 star jumps

10 metre sprints

20 sit ups

What a workout this morning! I'm sure my body is still burning fat after our soft sand running, jump squats, burpees, push ups, sit ups, mountain climbers, sprinting and lunges. Which reminds me a new month next month. It's all about staying hydrated. YOU IN??? 8-10 glasses of water per day 💙💙💙 Make sure you subscribe and tag #dswaterchallenge for your chance to win some amazing @ThermosBrand water bottles that keep your drinks cold for 12-24hrs. It's genius. Hit my link and subscribe today or visit 💋💋💋 XxDani Your 365 Fitness Food Motivator . . #fitspo #monthlychallenge #waterchallenge #hydrate #workout #beachworkout #beach #love #fitfam #australia #socialmedia #worldwide #entrepreneur #ladyboss #happiness #positivevibes #happyfamily #nomadz6 #healthyfamily #situps #abs

10 metre sprint

30 squat jumps

10 metre sprint

30 mountain climbers

10 metre sprint

20 burpees

My adrenalin is still pumping but I'm also very tired and heading to bed early tonight. We have friends and family coming over tomorrow for Grand Final, our new October Water Challenge starts plus I need to pack for our 10 day cruise to New Caledonia for Monday.

Super excited!!! Have a sensational weekend.


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