Friday fitness and full on birthday weekend

Happy FRI-YAY! What a week! We have turned our place into home beautiful ready for a new family to move straight into a resort bush backdrop oasis setting. It's a dream home and for sale tomorrow. Psssst! It's my birthday tomorrow too. WOO HOO!!!


This Sunday I am hosting over at YOUapp again so please ensure you download your free app here and come join us. I am all about moving your body everyday, wherever you are. YOU can workout your body and burn some serious calories, sweat your booty and melt away any unnecessary fat. Or just like me, tone up and keep fit. So this Sunday I want you to find a set a stairs or steps around your home and watch how we are going to sweat it out!

YOUapp with Jamie Oliver and Dani Stevens

You all must be wondering what I want for my birthday tomorrow? A big fat SOLD sticker on the board out front of our house. Fingers crossed a family falls in love and they get to enjoy this amazing place as much as we did. We are now chasing the ocean as Adrian desperately needs to surf every day and I have always dreamt of living by the ocean. Our kids will just have to suck it up and join nippers, have fun in the sun and thank us later in life for making this massive lifestyle choice :-) ha ha

120 Moss Ave Mt Helen Dani Stevens pool area

For more pictures and details about our house this weekend, click here. Feel free to share this post or invite your friends to come for a visit.

Happy weekend and keep you posted over on Instagram, Facebook and YOUapp tomorrow and Sunday.