Delicious Zpaghetti Beef Bolognese with a healthy twist

With the recent passing of my father, eating the right food has been really hard for me. I am not eating as regularly as I would like to. So this is why I can't stress enough, with the crazy schedules us Mums have, iron is GOLD! It's our energy to make the magic happen as we manage our families. Our kids need it for their brain-power at school and of course our immune system needs it to function properly. That’s why I love having easy and delicious family favorites to turn to. I know with these meals, I’m serving my family and I food that’s good for us, quickly and easily.

Every family has their own spin on beef Bolognese sauce, mine has a healthy twist which I want to share with your family.

When I think of spaghetti, I think of the amazing long and skinny wheat based pasta. However tonight’s dinner is all about an alternative (a great gluten free option too) that ups your veggie intake so easily that the kids won’t even notice it- have you tried Zpaghetti? The spiralizer that makes the magic appear as spaghetti but using zucchini's. Get it! Z-paghetti ha ha! It's brilliant! I know.

So get some beef into you tonight with my super quick (under 30 minutes) and healthy family favourite!

Zpaghetti Bolognese Sauce


500g lean beef mince 1 finely diced onion 2 crushed garlic 1 small bunch of finely chopped international leaf parsley (4-6 bayleaves) 1 teaspoon of Vegeta & smoked paprika 2 jars of basil tomato sauce Splash of water and 3-4 zucchini's


1. Sauté onions and garlic until golden. 2. Add paprika and Vegeta. 3. Add mince and brown. Add bay leaves.

Here's my mini Masterchef Zali helping with the bolognese sauce; 4. Sprinkle parsley and add tomato sauce. 5. Cook until bubbling.

Garnish with your favourite herbs, I used fresh mint leaves.

Let me know how you love your beef Bolognese sauce. Remember because it’s got delicious beef in it, it's loaded with 13 essential nutrients including iron for energy, protein for strength and zinc for brain power - you really are better on beef!

Plus! Nothing beats a dinner cooked and served within 30 minutes. Spending more fun times with my family is key and I'm here to share quick (healthy) and easy ways to do this, so you don't have to slave away in the kitchen for hours too. ENJOY your food time with your family tonight!!!


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