Dani's 2014 Highlights - Going Fully Raw

This was a rawesome monthly challenge. I have known Kristina from Fully Raw for over 2 years now, and it was super great to have her support on this challenge back in April 2014. I really wanted us to experience, at least one meal in "Fully Raw Kristina's" day. Veganism intrigues me, as she follows a 100% plant lifestyle. Read our interview here.

I did my best for the first week but crashed and burned. I was SO hungry and needed a lamb chop on the barby! I also missed my quick tuna salads for lunch and dinner. Don't get me wrong, since this challenge, I have been eating 80% raw and 20% is other eg: dairy, meat etc... Baby steps remember. If you do something to the extreme, you crash and burn. Well I do anyway.

To read more about our rawesome challenge, click here. Could you eat one fully raw meal per day?

Kristina is currently hosting a Fully Raw 21 Day Challenge, so head over and say hi. Otherwise we will kick off one very soon.