Coconut Flour Linseed Pizza Base

Who would’ve thought coconut base pizzas??? In my life if you never try, you’ll never know. So here goes a classic pizza base I typically use wholemeal flour but substituted it with Macro coconut flour and flaxseeds.

Another original recipe I created for my wonderful Woolworths friends. 

Coconut Flour Flaxseed Pizza Base


2 cups Macro Coconut flour

½ cup Macro Linseeds (ground)

1tsp salt

1-2 cups of water


Mix all dry ingredients with wet and you instantly have yourself the quickest pizza base ever! If it’s too dry simply add more water. Too wet, sprinkle more coconut flour and mix into a dough consistency and roll out to your favourite pizza shapes and sizes.

I use a frypan to cook the base as I place the toppings eg: crushed garlic tomato basil sauce with pineapple, cheese and basil.

Once the base is crunchy and cooked I place it in a preheated oven grill and bake the toppings for 5-10 minutes until cheese has melted and everything is golden brown.

You can watch the girls make it here.



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